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 We have been operating trips in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. We have delved into all areas of tourism and travel management in the country. Our main strength is quality man power.
We are a  ground handling company  for cultural tours, customized itineraries, incentives, spiritual journeys, Yoga & meditation trips, student programs, jungle safari, adventure trips, Heli sightseeing & trek, rafting, mountain biking. Our knowledge and experience in the Himalayas make us reliable and trusty partners. According to your interest we design the programmer. As tour is an exploration, to see a rituals, values and norms of local community.
Such occasions provide the best insight into the customs, traditions and costumes of the people in that particular area.Our aim is to provide visitors with every kind of viable adventure & cultural experiences that the Himalayas can possibly offer.Luxury Travel Destinations.JourneyDMC

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Best hospitality and services for a  journeyDMC.

Why Book with Us

Booking with Journey DMC (P) Ltd. offers you a complete package that includes total handling on all aspects of the trip by letting you a savor peaceful and memorable holiday. 

Agile, our professional and dedicated team have always been the backbone of our company. Our focus on safety, hygiene, minimum environmental impact and social giveback has proven well and we continue to pursue it.

We offer our traveler a combination of expertise and progressive thinking. We have worked hard to bring our company to the forefront of the industry and our services are among the most professional, service-oriented and efficient found in Nepal today. We are known for providing our guests with a level of personal service and attention to detail that cannot be matched. We believe in the value of people and the value of an experience, providing guests with memories that will last a lifetime that is our way of making this world better

We are your Gateway to the Himalayas!


To offer our customer the best and most unforgettable travel experience by creating memories for their life.


To make your travel easy.

Motto :

To be your travel companion.